Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hyundai Coupe 2007 For Sale

Hyundai Coupe 2007
Registered in May 2007
Road Tax and Insurance until May 2011
Just Recently changed all Beltings

B$520+ per month
Deposit B$7k w/o Sound System
or Deposit B$10K w/ Soundsystem (will include Apple i-Touch 16GB)

Contact 8847368


2.0 I4 Engine
Semi Leather Seats
Driver-Side Airbag


1) Fully Upgraded Audio/Video System Console

Sony XAV-W1
• Speakers:
Rainbow 165 SLX
Rainbow 165 SLC
Rainbow KX 165
• Woofers:
2x Rainbow Hammer (400watt RMS, Double Coil)
• Amplifiers:
Rainbow i-Paul 4.300
Rainbow i-Paul DM2000
• Capacitor:
Stinger 1.0 Farad
• Wiring/RCA:
Stinger Helix
• 8" monitor and custom Fibre housing

All in Excellent condition and rarely Blast. (kalau blast pun my amps are only at 65% Power Setting)

2) Doors soundproofed by Stinger Roadkill
3) Headlights and Foglights Upgraded to Bosch 8000K HID
4) Full A&P Bodykit (JPD Approved)
5) SSW 18" rims (8” wide at Front and 9” wide Rear)
6) LED side mirror (Only 3 in Brunei)
7) LED Angel Eyes (Only 3 in Brunei)
8) Front Strut bar
9) D2 Street Full Adjustable Suspension
10) Carbon Fibre look Interior

More pictures here at my blog and cardomain page.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update on C406's Ride

Been so long without update, here posted update on C406's ride.
Right after Cambered, the Absorber leaked.
Also Done Servicing before change to new shock absorber.

Rim taken out
The Rim, CE28N Replica
absorber taken out, one leaked so much, and the other one start to leak.
Ride without absorber.
Old leaked oil Absorber and new gas charged absorber.
Old VS New
See the difference

The new look

Any Hyundai owners willing to join our ALL Hyundai club called Hyundai Revolutionary Zone please send ur name, contact no., type of car and picture to bruneicoupe@hotmail.com

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