Tuesday, March 15, 2011

1st TBC Videoshoot. Enjoy

Thursday, March 10, 2011

TBC going International...

z13's ride taken during TBC 2nd anniversary by Cypawl173 & Korn

Hello Guys.. TBC have been silent for a while..well..there are stories yet to be told... As one of the TBC contributors ... i have been chosen as a motoring journalist and part of my time deals with cars..and now..TBC is going International well known.. n we thank you for other countries to visit this blog..

Then again..i(z13) will published some of the Hyundai cars that i've been with n test drive for the bloggers..n i know its not related to Tiburon/Coupe/Tuscani...but hey..its still a Hyundai..

Last but not least.. i would like to shout out Hyundai's new Moto..

New Thinking
New Posibilities

Regards..z13 of TBC

Link for the TBC Dressup & Soundsystem Competition + Sonata test drive

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courtesy from www.Bruneimotors.com

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