Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New TBC Member - Khairul's Ride

Welcome to TBC

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New TBC Member - Eddie's Ride

Welcome to TBC

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Monday, December 29, 2008

Z13 and Syu's Wedding

Sunday the 28th of December 2008 marks the day that Mohd Zammerul(Z13) becoming a husband to Khairul Bariyah(Syu). We were invited for the Groom's Majlis Perkahwinan which took place @ Asma hotel. Enjoy viewing some pictures i took during the event.

TBC's arrival @ Asma hotel

(click image to enlarge)

Our"Raja Sehari" =)

Sesi salam-salaman

It's Makan time

Getting ready to escort Z13 to Tutong

z13 next to his own ride

TBC arrived @ Dewan Kemasyarakatan,Tutong

The Swifters

Majlis Bersanding,Basuh kaki and BeSuap

TBC Photoshoot with the Bride & Groom

Congratulation to the newly weds couple,
Semoga Berbahagia Selalu Hingga KeAnak-Cucu

Who's Next??? =)

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Hyundai Coupe Convertible

(source: UK Hyundai Coupe)

Same model as 2003-06 version Coupe but this one goes topless*Pheewit* =)

Slightly different from the usual folding metal roof, Hyundai have come up with a rather unique sliding glass roof, which elegantly folds down into a space in front of the boot.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Korean Auto Festival 08′

Images of the Korean Auto Festival on April 08 taken from cania and property of cania.com. Enjoy! I have never seen that so many tibs in my life.

Tibs all the way!!!

Imagine that if we organize the same event like the korean,it would be totally AWESOME!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Activity during holiday

Our today's activity was to paint Gee & Ghosthy's brake calipers done by our professional artist,Naz

new TBC's Workshop & Garage @ Gee's

Sponsored by Naz

jack 'em up
Trying 17" on Ghosthy's ride

Naz daVinci doing his masterpiece on both cars

Ghosthy & Gee also tried to be daVinci

new skill of painting by Ghostly

The Result

before & after on Gee's caliper

before & after on Ghosthy's caliper

No,its not BREMBO,We called it dGENERAL,hehe =)

Any Hyundai owners willing to join our ALL Hyundai club called Hyundai Revolutionary Zone please send ur name, contact no., type of car and picture to bruneicoupe@hotmail.com

TBC Official No. +673-7144000