Sunday, December 7, 2008

BBQ Gathering

TBC Bandar gathered @ Giant

Naz d'General

Ocelot,Timbo,Cloudy,Joey and Baby =)

TBC Bandar & KB gathered @ Tutong's Hall


Welcome home,bro

Alex132's ride

Z13's Ride

Coupe173's ride

Syed's ride - the chili kits


Due to roadblock and JPD inspection @ Pantai Seri Kenagan,we had to change our venue @ syu's home in Tutong


cloudy & his Ma'am =)

Sumady from the 350Z =D

Ali and timbo

ChefPawl - our Chef+Photographer

Alex132's Wife - assistant photographer =)

our DIY bbq grill

trying to light the fire

45 mins later....


Playing with d'Rubik Cube
"concentrate cKhairul mliat a2"hehe

Our food supplies - chicken,crab stick,sausage and lamb

see what happened to that chicken below

Nyaman~ =)

So many talented chef on TBC

Chef Alex

few overcooked =D

Joey & Family
check out that new 3.0 open roof Coupe =)

Thanks for the gathering. It sure was fun...lets do this again sometime=)
Those who bbq the foods really did a good job*thumbs up*
"nyaman kmu menyalai atue"=D

Visit Alex132 and Tuscanime for more pictures
Click HERE and HERE


cloudy said...

eventho got problem with the roadblock, hardly to reach the seri knangan beach but at last it was a success! siuk eh~ =)

Coupe173 said...

next time...dun let too many 'engineers' to close up the tent...hahahaha

The BBQ was a success..thanks Z13 for the food and Syu for lending ur place for the BBQ...and Thanks everyone for their teamwork in making this bbq possible.

AzebLorenzo said...

wah, look fun ei` btw, i just cant help it noticing that the caption says - " check out the new 3.0 open roof Coupe =)" - really ka? Hyundai coupe 3.0?

ALEX132 said...

BBQ was a success guyz.. thank u TBC member for making the BBQ gathering a success.. and special thanks to z13 and syu for making it possible..


kepada engineer2 yg closing up the tent.. even dow we hav a hard & longest time closing it.. hehe.. it OK.. becoz with it, i could saw one thing that we have in common.. we give out our hand and try to solve the problem together as a TEAM..



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