Friday, July 25, 2008

Coupe173's Ride

Here is Coupe173’s ride; it’s a 2007 Black Pearl Hyundai Coupe:
2.0 I4 Engine
Semi Leather Seats
SRS Airbag
17" Stock Rims

Headlights and Foglights Upgraded to Bosch 8000K HID

It is surrounded with lots of heavy Audio/video system:

Sony XAV-W1 2-DIN DVD player
Critical Mass Tube Pre-Amp
Rainbow 4-Channel Amplifier I-Paul 4.300
Rainbow Monoblock Amplifier I-Paul DM2000
Rainbow Hammer 12" woofer (X2)
Rainbow Coaxial KX-165
Rainbow SLC-165
Rainbow SLX-165
Stinger Roadkill Sound deadener on the doors
Stinger Capacitor
Stinger Helix RCA Cables

Coupe173 said"My soundsystem is mainly built for SQ...and not SPL. I love the BASS but if too spoils the music (and ur ears :p)". That's True,bro.

Every sound system console in his car is tuned from XV Audio Shop in KB

Thanks for sharing your ride with us, Coupe173. Nice ride you got there..keep it LOUD!!=)

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