Thursday, July 24, 2008

New Coupe Model


A more comprehensive facelift was launched in 2007, named the Coupe SIII in markets such as the UK, this time altering the appearance of the car enough to designate it the fourth generation or GK F/L reminiscent of the RD1 and RD2 denotations.

The headlights are thinner and angled more aggressively; somewhat similar to the original Tiburon headlights with more straight/sharp lines. The tail lights are similar to the RD2 and GK1 but are somewhat smaller and reflect an aftermarket styling. The fenders lose the "gill fins" and other small changes are seen.

The interior is updated with brushed aluminum accents, new blue backlight scheme for gauges and instrumentation and new seats.


Manufacturer Hyundai Motor Company
Also called Hyundai Coupé (most markets)
Tuscani (South Korea and Singapore)
Production 1996–2008
Predecessor Hyundai Scoupe
Class Sport compact car
Body style(s) 2-door coupe
Layout FF layout

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