Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Selling Hinges Door

Z13 is selling his door hinges including the plate...betting starting from $250..every bet will be $5 n cash will be 300 including plate. Now the hinges cost 1100 n no more 550..naik sudah harga..u can survey d seng hoe huat for the some photo 4 u 2 see..aytes.

Original brand: Autoloc-USA

Reason for selling: going 2 JPD for instaling A&P tomato bodykits.
For more details,contact:


Syu aka Z13Babe♥ said...

syg jual..hemm?? nda g me susah kn buka pintu yg ni.. heheh :P gud luck yng.. bukan reason for kahwin kh :P?

Gazimo said...

Hey bro, is it + installation ? So how much total cost nya ? :) ehe.

Brunei's Tiburon Club said...

gazimo:im not sure bout that mail to z13 for more info

z13 said...

dude..i'll let u knw where i can find the cheapest instalation if u really wnt only selling the hinges and the plate so it wont be hassle to ur car frame..:)


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