Sunday, January 11, 2009

Reply from Setia Motors - Next Event

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Yes, infact we're about to get in touch with you.

This coming Sunday 18th January, TAIB invited us for Roadshow at Seria OGDC, so we will be there also to support them. We're sure there will be alot of activities organized by TAIB from 8.30am till 5pm and on our part we will sponsor some of the prizes.

On your part, do you have any idea what you would like to do during that carnival where we can support you, if we can? Please drop us a note.....



z13 said...

..for the promotion..let us promote our website to bruneians out there n if so throughout the do so let us make our own banner n since singapore is one of the active tiburoners..why dont we join venture with them>??can setia motors do tht to promote brunei tourism n country club??coz tht will make a change on the car industry to promote hyundai..cheers..n i hope to hear frm u soon ..z13

z13 said...

ps...can setia motors organize a trip to kota kinabalu??bcoz we r looking forward to cruised borneo n prove tht "never underestimate hyundai" moto is 4 real..lets hope for it to be real..thnk u

Coupe173 said...

saya sokong Z13...

Brunei Tiburon Yakin...!!
pasal c Alex132 SUNGGUH meyakinkan... hahah out!

ALEX132 said...

i would suggest untuk buat macam hari tu ja.. and kalau bulih reserved kan tempat parking di sana..

TBC can display they're Hyundai Car to public.. To promote Hyundai car..

Displaying our Hyundai car also mean that we are PROUD to be Hyundai Car Owner..

Food and Drink cemana??.. hehe..

Meyakinkan~~ hehe.. T1 out!


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