Monday, June 27, 2011

25th June, The launching of the brand new Hyundai Accent.

Arrival of Members, Gather at DST parking lot.

Arrival of Members, Gather at DST parking lot.

Proceed to Jerudong Park, Go-Kart parking lot

Mr. Alex, Mr. Fadi and Mr.Diy

 Mr Fadi meet us upon we arrived.

 The members waiting for the function to start, they were not just punctual, they were early
Emcee for the function, Mr. Gaddafi and Ms. Jenny Malai Ali

Free Go-Kart Ride :D

 Mr. DIY

 Mr. Khairul
Mr. Pawl

 Mz. Ifa

 *oii org dapan, laju sikittt,*
*car no 4, Mrs Pawl "tenang dihh, masih jua pit lane ni"*
*gambar ku lu ahh, alum jua start nyaa*

Tib machos with chick

TibChix, no need the KFC chick

Our one and only Tib Baby :D

Thanks Setia Motors for inviting us to the event.

Thanks to Mz. Ifa for the pictures.


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