Thursday, September 18, 2008

Coupe got clamped

Be Careful When You Park and
When You Leave Your Car
biarlah ani jadi pengajaran bagi kita aytes..apa bleh buat..:p

(source: RSR)


lil_smokey said...

well that ain't good bro.

Brunei's Tiburon Club said...


Anonymous said...

Isn't this photo dari RSR 2008 blog ? u guys better says thanks to RSR Admin . . . be professional guys...

z13 said...

well Dex309 from RSR haave given the permission for the photo from us..think twice b4 sayin my fren.. we already thnk them earlier..

Coupe173 said...

tibby, better put in 'source: RSR 2008 blog'

and next time put in ur name anonymous...its not YOU be professional aight.

z13 said...

thnks for ur support bro..


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