Sunday, September 7, 2008

Different Colour on Coupe

I figured I would post up some picstures of Coupe with custom paint+kits from korea to give people more idea's of what they could do to their Coupe.Enjoy~

I Love the PINK one,hehe =p


PlayeRz104 said...

most da kit is menthapor....
same like coupe Wan...
i like da green 1..coming soon My car tukar color~~Green, Red, Orange?
still think abt it~~

Brunei's Tiburon Club said...

Ur kit pun ada jua bro =). Nice~kn tukar paint ka,wana yg rare2 bek bro,yg kjarangan urg mliat on coupe,bru ya~hehe

PlayeRz104 said...

yeap dats wht im planning wrna yg kejarangan..tunggu lah ..
sedang menunggu duit gugur d kepala ku.eheheheh


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