Wednesday, October 8, 2008

3 Tomato kits now on the road

Coupe173 - the 3rd owner of the tomato kits

2 blacks n 1 grey

"we owned the TOMATO"

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(Source: Cypawls World)

"Coupe173,congratz bro on our new tomato kit"


z13 said...

congrats on ur installment of the tomato kit were the twin effect..

Tomato ruled by TBC

1 0 1 said...

Congrats & Thumbs up!

Coupe173 said...

thanks yo...can't wait to get over wiv the inspections...need my HID back!! hahaha

- x3r0 - said...

siuk eh.. road legal

Coupe173 said...

can't wait to ikut convoy wiv the other 2 tomatos

Anonymous said...

Hello guys , haha aku ani baru dapat license sama aku ani sekalur ni pasal rules kereta di Brunei. Bulehkan mod bodyparts? Cana kamu dapat pass inspection? *tanya saja , share2 la sikit ^^ *

Coupe173 said...

dapat modify...but kalau mau yg 'safe' from the agent..and get it approved dari JPD, baru nda kana fined kalau kana roadblock.

Coupe173 said...

these bodykits are from the sanang kn pass inspection la..
the rules, ur car height must not be less than 6" from the ground.

Anonymous said...

owh , tapi if the kits bukan dari agent?

ALEX132 said...

Klau your kit bukan dari agent, you got 50/50 chances to get it approved.. The only way you can get modification approved is to get a letter from your car agent.. Meaning the car agent will be responsible for the modification.. haha..

Drive safe.. Enjoy and Have Fun..

Anonymous said...

wow aha , alright Thanks =)


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