Thursday, October 2, 2008

Open House Invitation from TBC‏


We are cordially invited to Carzine's Hari Raya Open House on:

Sunday 5/10/2008,
From 11.30am-9.00pm

Address: Spg 43,No13,Kg Bunut, Jln Hj Halus.

To TBC members..let us convoi ramai2 to Carzine's house n we will have some photoshoot with him n our ride's as well.

Thank you =)
(ps:kamu mo dmana bkumpul,Giant parking lot,ok??? or somewhere else???)


Brunei's Tiburon Club said...

thankx to z13 for the info =)

Timbo said...

i prefer giant lah, since sana park banyak and safer rather than kumpul siring jalan. hahah

cloudy6 said...


z13 said...

no prlbm bro.. just discuss whn the right time kitan ksana ne okay..

Coupe173 said...

klau ku join kamu pakai kreta MzLxy buleh ka? *buat muka manja* haha


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