Friday, August 13, 2010

Jamie S Aka Marty666 Hyundai Tiburon,All the way from Montreal,Canada

A friend from a distance would like to share his photos to show that "Never Underestimate the Tib's" can really be a wow factor..from Brunei Darussalam to Great Britain, and now making its way to Montreal Canada,Welcome to TBC Marty..

A blue A&P Tomato kit...that's a rare one here in Brunei and this is the 1st one published on this blog

Even blizzards cant stand the chance with Marty's Tiburon..bluer than the snow~

Another angle from the rear right side..A Tiburon Badge..a twin tailpipe..and i wonder what's inside :)

We from TBC of Brunei Darussalam would like to thank to Marty666 for sharing us his ride and Hello to the people of Montreal Canada..
Welcome to TBC Marty..

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Anonymous said...

still stock hyundai badge but without spoiler:)


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