Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tiburon Parts Available@ Sen Yeong Autoparts

Front bumper, Side skirt, Rear bumper - B$1800(Include installation+paint)

Side Mirror with Led - B$380(Only 2 set arrive)

Front & Rear Strut Bar - B$180 Per Piece

(source: SenYeong Autoparts)


Brunei's Tiburon Club said...

alex i know u've been luking for that side mirror with LED light,apa lagi bro bli cia,truz kn untuk aku jua bro =p.

I want it also =D

PlayeRz104 said...

bro sama installement kh da strut bar tu?????aku mau bnr2 tu~~~

Alex132 said...

Yahoo!!!,Call alan sudah.. booking to install with him already.. haha.. ;p

Anonymous said...

aku pun mau da side mirror, strut bar, n tomato kit..kalau dapat order kn LED angle eye kit tarus..haha aku serious ni eh..banar...aku mau! Asta...

Brunei's Tiburon Club said...

angle eye??Fuh lawa tue on Coupe.


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